11 Being Mary Jane Relationship Lessons For Black Women – Part 2

Hopefully you have had an opportunity to read part 1 of “11 Being Mary Jane Relationship Lessons For Black Women” because this is part two. Part one is linked below, so be sure to check it out, but let’s get into the rest of the article now.

If All Your “Dates” Are At Your House It Isn’t Real

Mary Jane got real when she was telling the married man this relationship wasn’t working for her. She talked about not being able to go to the gas station, can’t hang with family, corporate functions with him. She was very sad.

Being_Mary_Jane_630x420It is very true for you in your relationships as well. If the only place you are being seen with your new “man” is in your home, you are not in a real relationship. You need to to respect yourself enough to demand someone that will be with you all times and you are able to go out with in the city.

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Can You Really Be In Love With Someone When You Have Only Seen Them In One Setting?

Don’t kid yourselves, ladies? You cannot fully love someone you only know inside your home. It just isn’t possible. Love is multi-layered and more complex than this. You have no idea how this person interacts with his friend, family. You don’t know how they live, perform at work. In short, you don’t know anything about them outside of what they want you to know and see inside the comfort of your own home. This isn’t love or a relationship. You are being used.

If You The Side Piece, Stay In Your Lane

This is definitely not a position we are advocating, but some of you are happy with being the side piece. If this is your role and you are ok with it, then stay in your lane and receive your “benefits”. One of Mary Jane’s girlfriends said during their “girl’s night”, she loves being the side piece because of all the benefits, gifts, trips and her personal time she gets. This may be your thing. If so, then stay in your lane.

Do not approach the wife with your mess and give her any additional stress or confrontation. That is foul. And if you are going to blow up the spot, then do it in a subtle manner. Remember, the wife doesn’t know you exist. She is being lied to as well and should be respected.

Be Careful And Don’t Move Too Fast

Getting back to reasonable lessons from “Being Mary Jane”, slow down. You don’t have to rush into any relationship. If things are beginning to move too quickly, then take a step back to make sure you are dealing with a person of integrity or it could bite you in the backside.

Think about the show. Mary Jane gave the gate code to her house to a man and didn’t even know he was married. I’m not sure how in the world this happens unless she is rushing into something too quickly or is thirsty for a man. This can get you into trouble and it might not just be relationship trouble. Be careful, ladies.

Bottom Line: You Deserve More Than Stolen Moments

You should be more important to yourself than to accept a few stolen moments from a mate. Make no mistake, if you are dealing with a married man, your time with them are merely stolen moments because they should be somewhere else. 99/100 times, he isn’t telling his wife the truth and lying to spend time with you. These are stolen moments.

You deserve more!

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