11 Being Mary Jane Relationship Lessons For Black Women

It’s true. I watch “Being Mary Jane”, the hit show on BET featuring Gabriel Union. I’m not ashamed to say it. The show is very entertaining, interesting, layered, and insightful…but are there any relationship lessons for black women in the show? Yes!

Mary Jane is involved in a relationship with a married man on the show. They dropped some statistics that caught me off guard. According to the show, 42% of married people have affairs with 20% of single women sleeping with married men. These stats shocked me a bit to be honest, but I guess infidelity and women getting involved in these relationships are real.

Here are the 11 lessons from Being Mary Jane for Black Women

being mary janeLove Isn’t Worth Your Morals

Although it can be magical, love isn’t worth the weight, sadness, and longevity of giving up your morals. You must not compromise the values of your upbringing just because something feels good. You have to be bigger than that or else it will eat you alive from the inside out.

When Mary Jane was discovered by her brother to be cheating with a married man, she really took it hard. It wasn’t until someone else saw and knew what she was doing did she realize how foul she really was. Not sure yet if it is enough to get her out of the relationship, but her values and moral compass was clearly rocked.

Love Can Be An Addiction

The scene where Mary Jane’s brother is walking her through the signs of addition was powerful because it is true. Love can be horrible for your future, sense of self and morals as discussed earlier.

You end up isolated, lonely, constantly thinking about this addiction It can negative impact your health, social life, work, relationships with family and friends sending you down a spiraling tract you don’t want to see what’s at the bottom. Do yourself a favor and snap out of it, SOON!

Sounds devious, but it has happened before and will happen again. You can bet the farm on this one. The key is not to be this woman hanging around waiting for a married man who isn’t going to marry you, but just wants your goodies.

Don’t Allow Someone To Start With You If They Are Not Finished Someone Else

One key to avoiding the last point is to not allow someone to start with you if they are not finished with someone else. If they have their foot on both sides of the gate, you will not get the attention, love and respect you deserve in your relationships.

Sure, you can meet new people, but don’t allow the relationship to build. It can lead to stress and heart break. Let’s face it, these are two things you can use less of in your life.

And Don’t Start Something New If You Are Not Finished

Just like the last lesson, you should make sure don’t start a new relationship when you are not finished with your old one. Don’t cheat the person you meet with your baggage from your last relationship. Nip it in the bud and move on to the future. You will be don’t all parties involved a huge favor.

Last point on this, hanging on to your past can ruin your future. You will not give your all to the next person or even find the best person if you are clinging on to your past relationship. Don’t do it!

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