5 Reasons Black Women Should Avoid Plastic Surgery

The most beautiful women on the planet are black women. There is no doubt about it my mind. The problem is at times some of them don’t believe it. They have self doubt and they consider altering their image to fill the void.

The plastic surgery industry is booming in this country. However, up until less than a decade ago, it hadn’t really penetrated the black market. Today, it is a viable option to sisters around the world, but I think it is terrible mistake and wanted to take the time now to point out why black women should avoid plastic surgery.

Lil KimIt Is Expensive

Obviously, it depends on which surgery or surgeries you are getting done, but more than likely going under the knife is going to be expensive. According to reports, the average cost of plastic surgery $4,000 per treatment in the United States. The price could skyrocket from there.

Once You Start You Can’t Stop (Regular Maintenance)

The trick to plastic surgery is it is not a one time solution. The results do not last a life time. You must continue to go back for regular maintenance to keep the look in place. This means you have to spend more money in addition to your initial investment. The total cost can add up quickly.

Be Thankful for What the Lord Blessed You With

Aging isn’t something we like to think about or experience, but it is the natural progression of life. To try and fight this is futile, but also doesn’t show appreciate for the body,vessel you have been blessed with in this life. Maybe instead of trying to spruce up the exterior of your body, you should work on the interior of your mind to become at peace with the only body you will ever have.

Black Don’t Crack….If You Take Care Of Yourself

Our people come from great genes. You must understand this. If you are diligent to drink your water, exercise and eat right, then there will be no need for plastic surgery. Putting yourself through the pain, uncomfortable feelings and financial strain isn’t necessary when you take care of yourself.

Potentially Harmful (like those crazy butt injections)

Plastic surgery may make you “look” better for a while, but it is seriously dangerous. Things go wrong all the time. Take those crazy butt ¬†injections for example. Women want to desperately have some booty, so they are injecting theemselves with cement an all sorts of other things to inflate their backsides. Some of these women are dying as a result.

Sure that is an extreme case and mostly the black market, but think about your girl, Lil Kim. She looks like a Muppet and she has much more money to get it done right than most of us. If money can’t guarantee a good look, then everyone is in potential danger that goes under the knife.

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Black Men Prefer Natural Women

Speaking a black men, don’t do it ladies. You were made to be naturally beautiful in all phases of your life and black men appreciate your natural beauty. I know you see these older men chasing younger women, but they are not the ones for you. Allow them to chase the illusion of their youth, but not you. You remain loyal to your true self and enjoy the journey of life.

We all want to mental and physical improvements in our lives, but I don’t think plastic surgery is the answer for black women. If you just take care of yourself, then you will look age appropriate and beautiful for the rest of your life, but that is my opinion, what’s yours?

Should black women avoid plastic surgery or go under the knife?

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