6 Ways Facebook And Social Media Can Ruin Your Relationship

Social media, especially Facebook, is fun. Let’s face it. We all love it. This is why these budding media outlets are growing at exponential rates. They are wonderful. However, danger lurks when it comes to your relationships, so beware.

Today, we want to discuss these dangers to your relationships of Facebook and social media. The aim here is to ensure you are not making these mistakes leaving your relationships open and vulnerable. You must realize that you have good intentions when sharing information and interacting on social media, but not everyone shares your perspective. Some people are out there to cause your relationships harm.

Black-Couple-Arguing-pointing6 Ways Facebook And Social Media Can Ruin Your Relationship

Let’s get down to business and cover these hidden relationship dangers. Here are my reasons I think you have to be careful navigating the social media waters so your relationship doesn’t drown.

Sharing Every Detail Of Your Relationship

Relationships need privacy and special moments that only exist between two people. This is something difficult to maintain during the world of social media. We are trained to share any and everything happening during our day and this is what people are doing. This is very detrimental to the health of romantic relationships because there are no more private moments between the couple. Everyone is invited into the relationship and they all don’t have good intentions.

Posting Too Many Selfies

I hate to see so many people, mainly women, posting selfies of themselves. You clearly don’t understand that men don’t want people gawking over their woman. When you share these images it may be with the best intentions, but there are people drooling over them. This isn’t what your partner want to see or think about. They would much rather you share those images with them, particularly if they are provocative.

Temptation Lurks

Hanging out on social media and sites like Facebook opens the door to conversations with other people you may find attractive physically or mentally. And if you are not secure in your relationship, you may crack that door and eventually give in to temptation. And don’t even bring up the Ex who friends you and stalks all of your statuses. This is another means of communication where they can hang on to the hope of getting you back.

Jealousy Because Of Comments And Likes

Jealousy is dangerous in any relationship and you never know what is going to trigger it. Being active on social media makes it possible for former Exes or people that like you to comment, like and interact on your status updates. If the same person is doing this over and over again, your partner may not appreciate this. You have to consider the feelings of your mate in this situation and ask the offending person to fall back or exist your relationship because you are headed for trouble.

Do You Share Access To Your Accounts?

This is a dangerous relationship question because some people feel access to their accounts are off limits to their mates. Other people feel like having open social media accounts and emails are a must in a relationship because it confirms trust and accountability to the relationship. It is a double edge sword because it can be trouble either way, but it is a conversation that every relationship should have at some point to ensure you are on the same page.

Social media and Facebook can be a great way to meet your potential mates, but it can create problems when you are in the relationship if you are not careful.

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