When Kissing & Telling Goes Wrong: The Nick Cannon Story

“I’ma put it like this: If my marriage don’t work out, it is solely your (Big Boy’s) fault. So go ahead and feel that!”

Nick Cannon, “Big Boy’s Neighborhood”, July 5, 2014

Earlier this week, news leaked that the power couple that is Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have now parted ways in a quick, sudden divorce. Personally, I was shocked. I’m not a man that chooses to delve in celebrity relationship matters but I look up to Nick Cannon as a role model. He’s a brother that started off in the game young, paid his dues and is now self made and on the top of the world. So I took some free time to research up on what happened to cause them to drift apart. And I was left in shock.

Many reports have come out in the past few days about what happened to cause their marital union to far apart. Some sources say that Mariah felt that Nick wasn’t spending enough time with her, being engulfed in his different movie and television project. While that may have played a part in the tension, many sources say that Nick’s appearance on Los Angeles based radio personality Big Boy’s nationally syndicated radio show Big Boy’s Neighborhood drove a dagger through what was publicly perceived as a productive relationship.

After the interview, Nick Cannon stuck around and played the game “Give Me Five” for Big Boy’s YouTube Channel. The game entails Big Boy asking his celebrity guests five uncensored questions that couldn’t be addressed on the regular show. The discussion quickly tuned into Nick Cannon’s many sexcapades with known celebrities. Instead of dodging the question he engaged Big Boy in the question, putting himself in major hot water with his wife at home


Big Boy asked, “How many famous women has Nick Cannon been with?”

Nick  directs his gaze to the sky, spins in his chair and stammers before replying, “What does ‘fame’ mean?”

Nick Cannon Discusses Losing His V-Card, Celebrities He's Smashed, Mariah Carey, and More   BigBoyTV - YouTube Big Boy goes on to further clarify for him, “Somebody that we  know—”

 “Man, that’s a whole lot!”Nick Cannon confidently proclaims,  cutting him off, “I mean, if you think about it………this is L.A.! I  mean, that’s the whole purpose. You have sex with actors,  singers, models…..”

 “I don’t want you to name ten.”


 “Name five.”


Big Boy nods, “Name five.”

Nick shrugs his shoulders, “That’s easy!”

“That will watch this and say, ‘He’s not lying. That’s not a liability lawsuit.’”

He quickly ponders and starts counting on his fingers, “Mariah Carey—“

“No, you gotta take Mariah out!”

“Nope, you didn’t say that.”

Big Boy chuckles, “Well go ahead then.”

Nick proceeds without a hitch, answering the infamous question that caused Mariah to allegedly file a divorce from him.

He giggles, “Mariah Carey, Christina Miliian, Nicole Scherzinger…….

Big Boy drops his mouth in awe, “Whoa!”

“Umm……these are people that people already know, Selita Ebanks, umm…..what’s another one that just easy that everybody already knows?”

He puts the icing on the cake by shouting out, “Oh, Kim Kardashian! There, five! This is easy.”

Big Boy dawned a confused stare, “Hey dude, I didn’t know about the…..I must be…..ok….I must be coming from under my rock. I didn’t know that Kim Kardashian thing.”

He sighed, “Yes you did Big.”

“No! Did anybody…….am I lying? Did y’all know this?”

Nick just proceeded to dig his own marital grave!

He laughed, “You probably forgot because there’s been a lot of people since me!”


Nick Cannon strikes me as a reasonably intelligent dude, brand conscious dude. I wouldn’t look up to him if he wasn’t. His business acumen is impeccable. But, what on earth possessed him to air out his dirty laundry to the world about how many celebrities he’s slept with? He relegated himself to tactics that I see every day from young men that go to my high school.

It’s one thing to brag to the fellas about who you’ve knockedownloadd down in the past. We naturally tend to boast and showout around our friends anyway. But you’re on an aftershow interview with a respected radio personality that has 51, 457 subscribers to date on his “BigBoyTV” YouTube channel and you choose to fire off people that you’ve messed around with? This is a tragic tale of when kissing and telling goes wrong!

We aren’t in any position to judge what Nick Cannon says or does with his life. But, that doesn’t mean that a lesson can’t be learned here. We need to start thinking with the heads on our shoulders and not with our sexual parts. What may feel good and euphoric now will come back to bite you later. Nick Cannon is a thirty-three year old man with two kids by this woman. What happens to them through this mess? Is it worth it to have the “male industry hoe” label tied to you again? What made him regress to this high school lunch table tactic?

Like I said, Nick Cannon is my man and I still do look up to him. However, he’s not above reproach. In my personal opinion he was wrong for indulging in that conversation when he has a wife at home that’s supposedly wanting to spend more time with him. Big Boy, when he came back around on July 5th to promote his MTV2 show Wildin’ Out jokingly said,

“Let me tell you something Mr. Nick Cannon. Every question doesn’t require a real answer.”

Hey, sometimes the funniest jokes are true…….



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These H*es Ain’t Loyal: Is Loyalty & Commitment Foreign In Modern Day Relationships?

“I’ve been with and talked to about every player in Willowsfield.  It’s crazy! Before you, I couldn’t even talk to a guy without them immediately…..sexualizing me. Guys would always scheme on how to get their name popular in the streets by dating and/or taking the virginity of ‘Damon Anderson’s lil’ sister’. I was just seen as a simple way to get petty street fame. I guess my feelings didn’t matter to them.”

-Aaliyah Anderson, from“The Diary Of Aaliyah Anderson” (Available On Amazon Now!)

After reading my last article, you can tell that I’m a huge supporter of Keke Palmer and her new talk show Just Keke. After the historic premier of the show yesterday afternoon, my love for the concept has risen even more. I must admit, some kinks need to be worked out as the flow of the show wasn’t as smooth as it needs to be. But, I have faith in Keke and her production team to get things right in the months and, hopefully, years to come! One of the major highlights of the first episode was when Keke Palmer elaborated on her Twitter comments about the new hit Chris Brown song Loyal. Believe it or not, music is a vital branch of the media. It changes moods, dictates behavior and holds strong subliminal messages, especially when it’s heard repeatedly like most of the songs on the radio. The root motivation of the single has even been discussed in churches around the nation, although rather controversially. famous-loyalty-quotes-and-sayings-5 Like I’ve said numerous times before, I’ve grown in my views and opinions on the world  around me. I believe that artists are entitled to their own respective artistic expression,  no matter how outrageous or wrong you think the message is. We all have opinions on  different topics and subjects and these different, diverse opinions expressed in a  constructive forum can bring better understanding to the various viewpoints we all  have. A perfect example of a constructive forum where a song like Loyal can be discussed is  the Just Keke program. Keke brought a strong, intelligent opinion to the table that  couldn’t be argued with in any capacity. Although her monologue of the social  ramifications of the arrogant mindset boasted in Loyal was short and to the point, it  was enough to make me smile and give me hope for my generation if we continue to  have productive conversations and produce positive, ambitious media projects such as  this.  “My actual interpretation of the song is: if I can take your girl because I’m rich, she ain’t loyal. Right?” The camera panned on several members of the crowd silently nodding in agreement. The camera then turned back on Keke, “But, because the song is so catchy, I feel the words have been twisted and has created this unintentional movement in our generation that puts pressure on girls to prove their loyalty to guys that aren’t loyal to them.” Keke then went on to say, “I’m sorry but I just don’t agree that you should give someone one hundred percent of yourself when they’re not giving one hundred percent of themselves to you. You set the tone for how people treat you. I’m not saying cheat or lie, I’m saying ‘say goodbye’!” Then and there at that very moment, I knew that Keke Palmer wasn’t going to pull any punches when it came to topics discussed on her show. In under a minute, she expressed a summarized version of everything about relationships that I’d put in nearly all of my novels and articles. A relationship in any situation, whether business or intimate, should have all partners involved put in the correct amount of effort for things to be productive. That’s the problem that we see in modern day relationships, especially in my millennial generation. We’re so narcissistic now days! Everything centers around our own interests. While the concept of individualism is great in the big scheme of things, that dangerously taints your approach to intimate relationships. Guys are the biggest proponents of this as our typical “sexual gratification over everything” approach causes unwanted mental stress on the various females that we aim to get with. Lil’ Wayne, one of the artists that did a verse on the song, gave a perfect example of this mindset.

You know how the game goes

She be mine by half time, I’m the sh*t, oh


Those two lines can cause us to go back to the generation old question of why females mess around with guys they know are no good.  I’ve found that no one really has a clear answer for this. I’ve even asked a few females that I consider friends and they all basically told me that, “Attempting to understand how women think is the hardest thing in the world.” “You haven’t lied yet!” was my response. But, after analyzing Chris Brown’s few verses in the song, I realized that he bringing a different viewpoint to the table. Keke’s right, the message and context of the song was taken completely out of proportion. Let’s not forget that the radio edits turned the song into a misogynist, female hating club song. Just like all the other songs on the radio right? However, Chris is indeed talking about a specific type of girl that is easily swayed to the brother with money even though she has a dude that’s not as monetarily flexible. His verses have an egotistical vibe but, still, it’s a narrative that deserves to get expressed.

When a rich nig*a want you (want you baby)

And your nig*a can’t do nothing for ya (no, nothing)

These h*es ain’t loyal

These h*es ain’t loyal

How far does your loyalty and commitment to your partner stretch? If you’re currently single, how far would your loyalty and commitment to your significant other stretch? While Chris didn’t specify what he means by a “broke nig*a”, he did paint the picture of a guy that actually loyal to his woman to a fault. Who, in this case, is the proverbial “h*e”.

When I call her, she gon’ leave

And I bet that bottom dollar she gon’ cheat

Come on, come on, girl

Why you frontin’?

Baby show me something

You just spent your ring on her

And it’s all for nothing

All in all, I’m a fan of Just Keke. I will be tuning in and participating in the social media discussions every chance that I get. She only has four weeks to show BET that this is a show that has longevity. Let’s reevaluate our view on relationships family! Don’t let anyone take your love for granted like the girl that Chris was talking about in the songs. That goes for the brothers and sisters out there. Don’t get it twisted!

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Femininity Is Dead Pt. 2 (Rhianna vs. TLC)

“Respect yourself and others will respect you.”

- Confucius, “Sayings Of Confucius”

I must admit, I’ve gotten fed up with the dating scene in the black community as of late. This perverted, over-sexualized society that we currently live in has completely warped the mindset of the members of my millennial generation. You can see the epitome of this only looking at some of the young women around me. Is self-respect lost?

Since when has sexual prowess been something more of a commodity than sheer class and intelligence? As a BMB (Business Minded Brother), a woman that has nothing to offer but a big butt and a mean sex game isn’t appealing at all. Maybe that’ll fly for a night or two but no brothers with any game or common sense is paying you any attention. I said it back in my article on Mimi’s sex tape, you have to carry yourself how you want to be treated.

In my years of being in the public school system and training my writing sense, I figured out how to analyze if a female is wortRihanna-CFDA-Dress-600h talking to or even giving energy too. Usually, you can tell by their behavior (obviously), the people they choose to hang around and their entertainment preferences. It’s been brought to my attention that R&B/Pop singer Rhianna is a woman that many young women around me look up to. Some admire her more than Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj!

Nevertheless, Rhianna isn’t the epitome of elegance and class in any way. The quotes “only God can judge me” and “to each its own” are the only ways to explain her crazy antics. Rhianna has been back in the media eye for the virtually invisible dress she wore to the CFDA awards ceremony. The pictures from the event got the social media world talking. Some were in defense of her using the “only God can judge me” style excuse. However, many stood in agreement with the opinion shared by Chili and T-Boz in a recent interview.

The remaining members of TLC said how she dressed was in poor taste. They also pointed out how they became the hottest female R&B group of their time keeping their clothes on. Rhianna wasn’t too pleased with their comments. She immediately changed her profile cover picture to an old topless picture they took to show support for the breast cancer awareness campaign.

The move was obviously to paint Chili and T-Boz as hypocritical old heads hating on the younger generation. But, weren’t they right? The philosophy of womanism and feminism are to provide equal rights for women in this current oppressive society. But, the last time I checked, R&B singers don’t have to come out halfway naked to sell records. They may take their shirts off to show their muscles and put their female fans in a mesmerized daze but that’s the extent of it. Shouldn’t talent matter for women too?

A screenshot of Rhianna's cover picture before she quickly removed it.

A screenshot of Rhianna’s cover picture before she quickly removed it.


It’s disheartening to see that twerking, fighting and sex are the only things that young black women can hang on to. I understand the time period that we live in, our current family circumstances, the strong media influence and the fact that women naturally crave attention. However, can it be noted that there’s a better way? Guys have told me that they value a female that doesn’t have to show her behind to get their attention. I’ve said it plenty of times and I’ll say it again!

Now, I’m not a fool in any way. I don’t want to see women walking around like they’re going to a wedding or something all the time! If anything, be a total package. I want a woman that’s beautiful with class, ambition, hustle and intellect with a sensual quality that makes me want to show her how much I love her all the time. That’s not too much to ask is it?

Message to all women: Don’t let your sexual abilities be your only claim to fame. Act the way you want to be treated. Guys worth your attention really want a whole woman. Also (to Rhianna), your point about being your own person is dually noted but let’s not forget that you’re talking to the women that made Unpretty and Waterfall. If anybody knows about becoming a success without walking around half naked in every video, it’s them. Maybe you should take heed!


Do you have any questions, comments or concerns? Was I right or wrong on this issue? I would love to hear from you! Contact me directly at:

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Tell the truth ladies, Could You Walk Away From Omari Hardwick Like Mary Jane Did?

I know you were watching “Being Mary Jane” last night. If not, you should have because it went down as usual, but had a twist at the end I can’t front…I didn’t see coming.

Being I thought this entire series and show as going to be about the broken black woman finding unforbidden love in a married man to fill the void in her life, I was thrown for a loop.  Couldn’t believe my eyes when Mary Jane, Gabrielle Union, told Andre, Omari Hardwick, to get out and find a new place to live.

being mary jane omariJust in case you don’t watch the show, let me bring you up to speed. Mary Jane is a successful news anchor doing well for herself. She met a man. Fell for him, then found out he was married. Tried to leave it alone, but her feelings were involved. He left his wife and kids for her. Moved in with Mary Jane while his new place was being finished. And Mary Jane decided this wasn’t going to work for her, so he needed to move out.

Mary Jane decided all of this after visiting with her Ex at a charity event. They danced and she thought old feelings were growing, but then he told her he was serious and engaged with someone. Mary Jane was crushed.

After Googling the her Ex’s new boo, she discovered she was a white girl. I think that really took Mary Jane by surprise. She was all up in her feelings, then she demanded Andre, Omari Hardwich, to get out.

Could You Walk Away From Omari Hardwick Like Mary Jane Did?

I said all of that to bring you up to speed for this point. You know damn well a LARGE PERCENTAGE of you wouldn’t walk away like Mary Jane did. I know you want to think you would, but I’ve seen you all over Twitter, in the chat groups and on Facebook talking about it.

1. Y’all are saying he is “TOO DAMN FINE” to walk away from like that.

It is always funny to hear women let loose and be a bit raunchy. Men think they get wild in a barber shop, but have clearly never been to a beauty salon or in a close circle of girlfriends. I can assure you. It goes down! And when it comes to Omari Hardwich, women are going hard in the paint.

2. You Love his Business Savvy and Finances

Clearly, he handles his business and women love this. He has his own money. Can take care of his family and spoil you in the process. Y’all have spoken on this at length and it is an open understanding you love it.

3. He left his wife for you.

Perhaps this is the biggest development. He actually left his wife and family for the side chick.

You almost never hear of this ending in a happy ending for the side chick. The man usually strings her along telling her whatever she needs to hear to keep giving him what he wants, but this one turned out different. He left his wife and family for the side chick, so you stand by his side.

Did I mention women think this guy is a walking God.

So what do you say ladies, could you walk away from Omari Hardwich like Mary Jane?

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