Ludacris Gets Engaged and Married On The Same Day: Too Soon?

By now, you may have heard that rapper and actor Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges popped the question to his long time girlfriend Eudoxie Mbouguiengue on Christmas Eve. Ludacris proposed on a private jet to Costa Rica, accompanied with friends. The proposal was shared with Instagram and Twitter followers, and garnered lots of “congrats” messages from friends and fans alike.

Ludacris Wedding 3Then, we learned another tid bit. The two got hitched before the new year started! Ludacris posted the following caption to a photo of he in a tux and Eudoxie in a beautiful wedding gown:

Why wait? Did the thing before 2015. #mrandmrsbridges

It appears the couple got married shortly after the engagement, possibly that same evening according to rumors. Eudoxie told E! News “We chose a simple and intimate wedding that was perfect for us. We wanted the day to be about our loving commitment to each other.”

The two have been dating since 2009, but there was also a short break where Ludacris fathered a child outside the relationship. Many questioned Eudoxie would take him back.

So what constitutes as too soon to get married? Most, obviously, weren’t surprised about the proposal after 5 years, but how long “should” an engagement last? Let’s not forget, Lady O (Oprah) has been engaged since the beginning of time it seems like. Engagement is saying you want to get married anyway, so why not after a couple of hours?

What are your thoughts?

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