Lady Law: 3 Reasons You Should Stop Posting Selfies On Social Media

MySpace started it. The ability to add pictures on your profile and have people comment on them. 8 was a reasonable number to start with, but it had to be your best 8. Maybe a few of your best shots, a couple with friends and family. Then they allowed people to upload more than 8, therefore, more pictures to receive praise. Add on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we’re now in what I call selfie nation.

LadyLaw1Selfies aren’t new; people have been taking their own photos for years, especially with the rise of camera phones. But social media has definitely taken it to another level. Now you’ve got women not only taking mirror shots for a recent profile picture, but taking countless photos in various poses for online praise. I’m not talking about the simple smiley photos, but the ones where it’s clear you’re seeking attention. Bathroom counter poses, pictures in provocative clothes, cleavage shots, the works. “Instagram models” are on the rise, trying to outdo the other girl by showing off their body for the most likes and comments.

1. It Shows You’re Just a Pretty Face or Nice Body

I’ve seen many men on Twitter admitting that they do the “superficial follow”, where they follow a girl’s account just because she looks good. Then it pains them to realize that it ends there: nothing but a pretty face or a nice body. No stimulating conversation. Nothing of substance. There are even Twitter accounts dedicated to these pictures like @PostBadBitches. If you’re looking for a man, photos of yourself may initially catch his attention, but it sure won’t keep it.

Even rapper T.I. called out his wife Tiny saying she didn’t have to expose herself on social media. A real man doesn’t want his woman’s goodies out there for everybody to see.

2. It Attracts the Wrong Attention

It always amuses me when women post pictures that are a bit steamy, then want to call out men as “thirsty” for responding to it. Some people call these pictures thirst traps, because it’s obvious that you want the attention, then get upset when you get it. It all comes down to who you’re trying to impress. If you’re posting a picture focusing on your breasts, you’re going to get comments on your breasts. If you post pictures in your underwear, you’re going to get a response to that. If that makes you uncomfortable, then why are you doing it?

3. It’s Public

Every social network has privacy settings, but the default is usually public. Meaning if someone types in your name or username, you will definitely appear in search engines. How awkward would it be if you’re in the running for a job, and the potential employer does their research on you, and all they see is you taking pictures of yourself, sometimes in questionable poses that don’t reflect the company’s culture? Even with your profiles “private”, you can never be too sure.

People like to see that you have more to offer. You can be admired for your beautiful face and your curvaceous body, but there’s some things we don’t all need to see. Your man won’t want everybody seeing it. Your employer doesn’t want to see it. And your friends are tired of seeing it. Do better ladies!

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