Should Miss Jamaica have won Miss Universe?

Even if you didn’t watch the Miss Universe contest last night, you have heard about the controversy. There is always controversy and high drama surrounding these competitions, but really this was a whole new level.

Miss Jamaica, Kaci Fennell, was clearly the crowd and internet favorite to win the compition. However, when she exited the top five there were audible boos from the audience. People were in disbelief and shock that this beauty didn’t pull it out.

AFP 537135352 S TEN ENT USA FLThe eventual winner of the copeition was Miss Columbia Paulina Vega. People congratulated her, but it is clear who everyone thought should have won the competition by the chatter in the audience and on Twitter.

According to their comments, Fennell was flawless, smart, elegant, georgeous, dope and had the goods to win the competition.

What did you think? Should Miss Jamaica have won the Miss Universe competition?

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