Ray Rice Knocks Out Fiancee. Is It Ever Okay To Hit a Woman?

In today’s news, Baltimore Ravens’ player Ray Rice and his fiancee Janay Palmer were both arrested this weekend for simple assault-domestic violence in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The couple had a physical altercation, in which the report says that Palmer struck Rice, and Rice picked Palmer up by her arms out of an elevator and slammed her on the ground, knocking her out. There is video of Rice’s part of the fight, which was posted on TMZ, but his lawyer claims it does not show the whole incident.

ray rice knock outThis is reminiscent of Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and his domestic issue with his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada in 2012. The couple got into an argument after Lazada confronted Johnson about her suspicion of him cheating. The argument escalated, and Johnson head-butted her, leaving a visible gash. They divorced shortly after this.

Ray Rice Knocks Out Fiancee. Is It Ever Okay To Hit a Woman?

And of course, the infamous story about Chris Brown and Rihanna. The couple had an extremely public domestic violence case, in which Chris Brown was charged with two felony assault counts. Their argument started when Rihanna confronted Chris about a text message from another woman. There is speculation, although not confirmed, that Rihanna may have hit Chris first. But the report is clear that Brown hit her head against the window, punched her, and tried to shove her out the car. Her injuries were made public after TMZ showed her picture following the fight.

Each one of these instances started with an argument and escalated into physical violence. The public has shared their opinions in each case, some saying that a man should never put his hands on a woman, others saying the woman may have been “asking for it”, either by getting in the man’s face with an issue, or possibly putting her hands on him first. Our question is: Is it ever okay to hit a woman? Yes, no, it depends? And if it depends, what are the limitations?

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