Ludacris Can’t Pay Full Child Support Because Paul Walker Died

After the unexpected passing of Paul Walker, friends and costars from the Fast & Furious franchise expressed their sympathy and condolences. Many fans wondered with the death would mean for the upcoming 7th installment of the series, since it was in production at the time of Walker’s passing. Now it seems those who mourned the death of Walker are now blaming their financial woes on his death.

ludacris_Rapper Ludacris, who plays Tej Parker in the movies, is claiming he can’t pay the $15,000/month his daughter’s mother, Tamika Fuller, is asking for. Ludacris said he was expecting to make payments with the money he would receive from Fast & Furious, but the movie’s production was brought to a halt after Walker’s passing.

He told the courts he only made $55,000 in 2013, and is only able to pay $1,800/month for his 2-month-old daughter Cai. For now, the judge has ordered Ludacris to pay $7,000/month until financials are reviewed.

Fellow costar Tyrese has claimed similar financial issues. He was banking on Fast & Furious 7 money to make ends meet as well, even though he’s been touring the UK with his group with Ginuwine and Tank, TGT, as well as working on his next solo studio album “Black Rose”.

Both Ludacris and Tyrese are men who have had successful careers before coming into this movie franchise. Tyrese has acted in other movies and had a modeling career, a solo artist, and has even written a book. Ludacris also got some acting chops on television and on the big screen, as well as multiple platinum albums and tours. So why are they crying broke now, and putting all their eggs in the Fast & Furious, especially after their “friend” passed away?

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