Husband Shot In Chest By Wife After Trying To Surprise Her With Breakfast In Bed

Everyone dreams of their husband or wife surprising them with breakfast in bed. It is something we all think about a good spouse doing. However, when this happened Friday at a military couple’s home, things didn’t turn out so well.

Tiffany Segule, 27 years old, shot her husband in the chest as he tried to bring her breakfast in bed. This was a pure accident and the police do not suspect foul play, just an unfortunate series of events.

wife shoots husbandZia Zegule, 28 years old, planned on treating his wife to something special. He left for the Fort Bragg military base at 8am as he typically does, but turned around and tip toed back into the house. Unfortunately for him, he tripped the silent alarm in the process.

Zia gathered a breakfast to surprise his wife, but when he got to the bedroom door, she shot through it hitting him in the chest. Tiffany had gone back to sleep since her husband left and woke up in fear for her life. She took action and fired the shot.

Realizing she had shot her husband, she immediately called 911 for help.

When the paramedics arrived on the scene, Zia was talking and described as responsive as he was placed in the ambulance. He was in stable condition and fully expected to recover.

The neighbors and police department are saying Tiffany might have been a bit spooked because of some recent home burglaries in the neighborhood recently. Also, it is unclear at this time if Zia announced himself as being home. Most suspect he didn’t, otherwise Tiffany would have known it to be him.

Thankfully, Zia is expect to make a full recovery.

Source: Daily Mail

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