Divorce Settlement: Would You Turn Down Nearly $1 Billion Check If Your Spouse Was Worth Over $20 Billion?

The thought of a billion dollars makes my knees shake. That is more money than most of us will ever seen in our entire lifetime, but this Sue Ann Arnall just received a check just shy of this amount from her ex-husband.

Harold Hamm is the oil tycoon divorcing his wife of 26 long and wonderful years due to a variety of reasons, money  not being one of them. He is estimated to be worth over $20 billion dollars as he has done very well for himself in the oil industry.

The couple recently made headlines because of their divorce that has been pretty messy. Hamm issued a check for his wife to settle the matter of money by writing a $975,790,317 dollar check to her in her name. His intention was for her to cash the check and take that as the divorce settlement.

billion dollar check

Sue Ann has been all over the media and hell bent on not accepting such a low payout for their years of marriage knowing her ex-husband was worth more than $20 billion dollars. She felt her work as an executive in the business contributed to the success of the business. And as such, she felt she was due a much larger payout.

However, after a week or so of contemplation, Sue Ann has cashed the check for nearly a billion dollars. There hasn’t been any indication that the matter is settled, but we do know the check has been cashed and she is sitting on a fat pile of money.

Our question to you is would you settle for a $1 billion dollars if you know your spouse was worth about $20 billion and many years of your blood, sweat and tears went into building the company?

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Ladies, Do You Need a Man to Make You Feel Complete?

Remember in the year 2000 when Destiny’s Child dropped Independent Women Part 1? Raise your hand if that was your anthem for a minute. Along with other anthems such as No Scrubs and He Wasn’t Man Enough, a lot of us were declaring our independence, which is great. There were also women out there who, maybe not as boldly, announced that being in a relationship made them feel whole. We all know the girlfriend who feels inadequate when she’s single, and invincible when she’s spoken for. So I wonder: do you need a man to make you feel complete?

Short Answer: No.

DestinysChildWomen do not need a man to feel complete. If you want to get into the nitty gritty of it all, women can do what men can do for us. We don’t need a man to be the bread winner: we have our own jobs. We don’t need a man to take care of repairs around the house: we have our own tools. We don’t need a man to make us feel good about ourselves: like Katt Williams says, it’s called self-esteem. (Albeit he said it a little differently). So if we have all those bases covered, what is left?

Long Answer: Complete Is the Wrong Word.

So now that the independent woman rant is over, let me explain. Do we need men to make us feel complete? I think complete is the wrong word. Yes, I named reasons why we don’t need men, but let’s be honest. Sometimes, a man can make things a lot easier for us.

Do we need a sole bread winner? No, but in this day in age, dual income definitely helps us live the American Dream. Sure, I have my own tools, but if I’ve got other things to be concerned about, how nice would it be for my husband to get to the repairs for me? Self-esteem is essential, but a man who appreciates you taking care of your physical appearance can put you on cloud 9.

Men don’t complete us, or at least they shouldn’t. There are a lot of women who are codependent when it comes to their significant other. It’s very easy for us to lose ourselves in our men, and completely forget who we are as individuals. But a truly healthy relationship is birthed out of being complete despite being in a relationship. The self-help gurus always harp on this but it’s because it’s true. When you love yourself, you have more to give. When you’re complete, and your partner is complete, you both enhance each other. That’s the word I would use.

Now for the proudly single independent women out there, I hear you, and I feel you. I applaud you, and I’m cheering you on. Do what you need to do, do what you want to do. For those who are not so happy about being single, relax. The last thing you want to do is be in a relationship solely for the sake of saying you’re in one. If you feel you need a man to complete you, that should indicate you have some more self-love to work on. That missing piece is you.

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5 Things Women Should Never Do In Relationships

Relationships are a two way street, and require 100% (not 50%) from both parties. While there are things men can do to keep a successful relationship going, there are things women can do as well to contribute to a healthy relationship. There are also things that women shouldn’t do in their relationships if they want to keep things running smoothly.

Tell everyone your relationship business

When you’re in a relationship, you’re excited, and you want everyone to know about it. In the same breath, when you’re upset, sometimes you want to tell the world about that too. Don’t! People who tell all their family and friends every single detail of their relationship are allowing too many cooks in the kitchen. This is where opinions start forming and are delivered to you without even asking. At the same time, we live in the age where people post their entire lives on social networks. Do not broadcast your business on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or any other network. Your relationship is between you and your boyfriend / fiancé / husband. Keep it that way!

Go through your man’s phonePhone Passcode

This has become a trend over the years, for people to go through their partner’s phone. There’s a saying “when you go looking for something, expect to find something.” Going through your man’s phone doesn’t solve anything. Going through pictures and text messages to find out if your man is cheating is just going to get the two of you in an argument. He’ll defend himself, saying you’re invading his privacy. You’ll continue to argue for what you did or didn’t find. The bottom line is trust: if you can’t trust the person you’re with, why are you with them in the first place?

Withhold sex as a punishment

This is a mistake a lot of women make: using sex as a weapon, but not in a good way. Withholding sex from your partner as a punishment is a sure shot way to cause a rift in your relationship. Men are physical, sexual beings. It’s part of their biology. While women do hold the power, trying to manipulate your man by not giving him any spells danger. It can lead to resentment, arguments, and some would see it as an excuse for cheating (which it’s not, but that may not stop him). If you have a point you want to get across, talk about it, but don’t make your sex life suffer because of it.

Demand all of his time

We as women love to spend time with our men. However, when you’re joined at the hip, it can cause more harm than good. Be sure to give your significant other space to breathe from time to time. You don’t need to talk all day, then spend all night together, every single day. Give him time to be by himself or hang out with his boys, or even to spend time with his family. This gives him the freedom to do things he wants to do, and also gives him a chance to miss you.

Belittle and embarrass him (in private or in public)

Men are used to being the head of their relationships. So one of the worst things you can do is belittle, embarrass, or emasculate your man. This is especially crucial in a public settings, like when you’re around friends and even strangers. However, this holds true at home as well. When you’re talking to or about your man, hold him in high esteem. Don’t list all of his flaws or talk down to him. Don’t recite the laundry list of things he isn’t doing right or air his dirty laundry. Build him up, encourage him, and even take some time to brag about him from time to time. When a man sees a woman appreciates him, flaws and all, his heart opens up even more to her.

Do you think some of these are wrong? Do you have anything to add?

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