Tell the truth ladies, Could You Walk Away From Omari Hardwick Like Mary Jane Did?

I know you were watching “Being Mary Jane” last night. If not, you should have because it went down as usual, but had a twist at the end I can’t front…I didn’t see coming.

Being I thought this entire series and show as going to be about the broken black woman finding unforbidden love in a married man to fill the void in her life, I was thrown for a loop.  Couldn’t believe my eyes when Mary Jane, Gabrielle Union, told Andre, Omari Hardwick, to get out and find a new place to live.

being mary jane omariJust in case you don’t watch the show, let me bring you up to speed. Mary Jane is a successful news anchor doing well for herself. She met a man. Fell for him, then found out he was married. Tried to leave it alone, but her feelings were involved. He left his wife and kids for her. Moved in with Mary Jane while his new place was being finished. And Mary Jane decided this wasn’t going to work for her, so he needed to move out.

Mary Jane decided all of this after visiting with her Ex at a charity event. They danced and she thought old feelings were growing, but then he told her he was serious and engaged with someone. Mary Jane was crushed.

After Googling the her Ex’s new boo, she discovered she was a white girl. I think that really took Mary Jane by surprise. She was all up in her feelings, then she demanded Andre, Omari Hardwich, to get out.

1. Y’all are saying he is “TOO DAMN FINE” to walk away from like that.

It is always funny to hear women let loose and be a bit raunchy. Men think they get wild in a barber shop, but have clearly never been to a beauty salon or in a close circle of girlfriends. I can assure you. It goes down! And when it comes to Omari Hardwich, women are going hard in the paint.

2. You Love his Business Savvy and Finances

Clearly, he handles his business and women love this. He has his own money. Can take care of his family and spoil you in the process. Y’all have spoken on this at length and it is an open understanding you love it.

3. He left his wife for you.

Perhaps this is the biggest development. He actually left his wife and family for the side chick.

You almost never hear of this ending in a happy ending for the side chick. The man usually strings her along telling her whatever she needs to hear to keep giving him what he wants, but this one turned out different. He left his wife and family for the side chick, so you stand by his side.

Did I mention women think this guy is a walking God.

So what do you say ladies, could you walk away from Omari Hardwich like Mary Jane?

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