Woman Murders Boyfriend Over His #WomanCrushWednesday

If you’re a participant of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you know that people use different days of the week to post certain pictures. One that gets some couples a little anxious is #ManCrushMonday and #WomanCrushWednesday. One Chicago woman didn’t take too kindly to her boyfriend’s crush of the week, so much so, she killed him.

26-year-old Deron Jacobs was stabbed in his sleep by his 24-year-old girlfriend Rachael Edwardson on Thursday morning in the apartment the two of them shared, after he tweeted out his #WCW. Friends of the couple are mortified, claiming there was no violence and no apparent issues between the two outside of typical disagreements.

According to a close friend of Jacobs, the woman he dubbed his woman crush was a young woman who he followed on Twitter, and exchanged private messages and sexually explicit photos from. However, the two had never met in person. Police are investigating further to find out if there were any other motives, or if this was simply a crime of passion, fueled by insecurity and jealousy.

Edwardson is considered innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. If convicted of first degree murder, she is looking at a life sentence in prison.

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